Welcome to Citadel Plaza

Cairo’s new downtown…

Citadel Plaza is the only ‘one stop’ fully integrated business, commercial, entertainment & touristic complex in the center of Cairo. The landmark destination will offer a mall of international standing, restaurants, offices, luxury hotels, a conference center, serviced apartments, cinemas & more, each unit functioning as a standalone, while complimenting & blending seamlessly into each other & the surroundings.

Citadel Plaza is designed to sit in harmony with the environment by integrating the visual patterns of its natural surroundings and the urban layers of Cairo’s historical center. Responsibly designed in partnership with UNESCO to preserve the visual prominence of the Citadel and to blend seamlessly into its historic surroundings and enrich their status.

Citadel Plaza is part of, and overlooking, a World Heritage site offering breathtaking & unique views of the most prominent landmarks of Cairo’s history, notably the Citadel and the Pyramids of Giza, surrounded by Islamic & Coptic Fustat, and Cairo’s “historical kernel”.