Project Overview Citadel Plaza Components - Citadel El Plaza

A vibrant mix of old and modern Cairo,
in an elevated downtown area

Citadel Plaza offers visitors the chance to relax & enjoy the unique refreshing breezes that have led to the Citadel being called the “Dome of the Wind”. Over 33,000 m2 of elevated open air walkways & gardens in the heart of Cairo.

El Plaza- The heartbeat of Citadel Plaza & Cairo. The pedestrian main avenue runs through the middle of the complex, with cascaded gardens & fountains branching into alleys & terraced pathways. Cafes and specialized boutiques will be scattered along the outdoor walkways, the venue of choice, hosting a variety of cultural & social events.

Darb El Fonoun- An area of open air passages dedicated to culture and the arts. A bazaar area for artisans, book shops, craftsmen, antique shops, and art galleries….. reminiscent of Old Cairo.

Citadel Park- High on top of the buildings, a lush green sanctuary, a garden & children's play grounds in the sky, with Cairo & the Citadel as a backdrop.

At Citadel Plaza there’s something for everyone