Project Overview Citadel Services

Safety, security and efficiency

Safe and secure
Citadel Plaza is designed and built to the most demanding Egyptian, American and International health codes and safety standards.

An on-site emergency medical and fire crew, working alongside a security team equipped with the most advanced technology, will ensure the premises remain safe and secure. The whole facility will be covered by CCTV with secured controlled entry & exit points.

Facility Management
An international experienced facilities management firm will ensure the operations and maintenance of Citadel Plaza’s facilities are constantly up to international standards & expectations. The smooth day-to-day functioning of Citadel Plaza will allow you to concentrate on your business.

Commercial Storage
Occupants and tenants will have access to more than 13,000 m˛ of commercial storage space with convenient loading & dispatch areas, adjacent to their shops and offices.

Relax & let the professionals take care of it all.